Drone Aerial Surveys

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) prohibits access onto residential and commercial roof space without expensive fixed scaffolding first being in place. Cherry pickers can be used, but access is often restricted, providing reduced visual information for data collection.

Aerial surveys using the latest Drone technology overcome these problems and associated expense and can be carried out safely, quickly, and efficiently at low cost.

Drone Surveys are


Axis aerial surveys – our Drone pilots are qualified and registered with the CAA. We are fully insured for commercial operations and carry out a risk assessment prior to each project.

What’s included in our roof survey report

Our roof survey will include inspection, detection and advice with supplementary photos to report on the following:

Overall condition, damage to roof tiles or slates, gutters and rainwater system, repairs, leaks, roof spread and sag, blockages, leaking joints, mortar areas, cracked glass and install quality to windows and skylights, valleys, chimney condition including flaunching, brickwork, pots and leadwork.

For a call back to discuss your roof survey requirements please email info@axis-property.co.uk or text ‘Drone’ along with the property postcode and your contact details to 07581 253766.