Solar PV Cleaning, Systems Checks And Bird Protection

The Solar PV division of Axis property Services was established to meet the emerging and growing demand for the professional cleaning of grid tied installations throughout the UK. Our professional team utilizes the latest in solar cleaning technology to thoroughly clean solar panels. The end result is a perfectly clean, clear, spot free surface, that will leave the solar panels operating at maximum efficiency once again.

A 2011 study by the world academy of science, engineering and technology concluded that “accumulated dust on the surface of photovoltaic solar panels can reduce the systems efficiency by up to 50%. Other contaminates can be even worse – panels must be cleaned for optimal performance. The small cost of regular cleaning with a speciality solar product yields big savings by increasing panel output’’.

Our cleaning process uses no chemicals and is 100% environmentally friendly. The water is de-ironized and contains no minerals and salts. It dries very quickly, microscopic dirt particles, which would normally remain on the glass when cleaning with ordinary water, bond to the de-ironized molecules and are removed immediately.


  • Solar PV cleaning
  • Systems check
  • Bird protection

Our trained and professional staff utilize the latest technology and equipment specially engineered for cleaning solar panels. We use pure water and soft powered brushes – we will get the job done safely, efficiently and economically, with no disruption to your system.